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Team Journey (8A) Supply List

Click here for an easy-to-print version of our supply list

Team Journey (8A) Supply List



* Optional:  Please place an order for a Team Journey t-shirt via the link on our webpage.  Team shirts will be worn multiple times throughout the year, including on our Blue/White/Silver field day.  If finances are a concern, please reach out to Mrs. Demskis at   

The link above will activate beginning August 18.

Sales run from August 18 - August 31

* 3 (three) 1.5-2” binders for core classes (or Trapper Keeper) and 1 (one) arts binder

          (We recommend one binder for period 3, a shared binder for periods 4 & 5, and

          a shared binder for periods 6 & 7.)

1 pocket folder with three holes (The kind that can fit into a binder.)

* 1 (one) marble composition book for social studies with Mrs. Fetters and an additional one if you are in Lit Skills with Mrs. Feldman

* dividers for your binders (1 or 2 packages will be plenty)

* an accordion folder (or similar style) that can hold your calculator, ruler, pencil case, and assignment book so they can be brought to each class

* calculator:                                   

         Algebra I and Algebra 2 students:  TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator

                 (Calculator Letter 2023 )

         Pre-Algebra students: calculator with the capability to evaluate fractions   

                 (we strongly recommend the TI 30XIIS made by Texas Instruments)

* pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers

* pencil case

* a 6” ruler that will fit in your pencil case

* lined loose-leaf paper  (2 packs)

* self-selected reading book (should be brought to each class every day)

* Post-it notes (small) for English class

* index cards (3” x 5”) for creating flashcards

* 2 (two) boxes of tissues and 2 (two) containers of Clorox wipes (please bring to homeroom the first week of school)