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Welcome New 7th Graders



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Welcome New 7th Grade Students!  

Until you are assigned to a team, incoming 7th grade students are temporarily assigned alphabetically as follows:  

A-G - Mr. Einhorn   (

H-N - Ms. Sampson   (

O-Z-  Dr. Naragon  (  

Some Useful Links:

6th Grade Transition to NMS

NMS Schedule
Building Map

Activity List 19-20


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What if I miss school- how do I get my homework?

A:  For short-term absences, students should phone a buddy or consult team’s homework website (if available).  For long term illnesses (student is out of school for 3 or more days) parent/guardian may contact the front office (215-944-2600) to request homework.  Assignments will be available at the end of the day following receipt of such a request.

Q:  How much time will I get to make up work that I missed as a result of an illness?

A:  Upon returning to school after an absence, students will be given a time span equal to the number of days absent in which to make up missed work.  Teachers may extend that time span if they choose.


Q:  Is it hard to take all honors classes?

A:  In order to be successful, you must have good study and organizational skills.  Visit NMS Study Skills  for tips and strategies.   It is important to ask for help during R/A and clinic.  Tutoring by National Honor Society Students is available on Tuesday and Thursday nights at CR North and South.  See NHS Tutoring Services for details. 

Q: Where can I get a map of the school?

A: Building Map

Q:  How long is a class?  How many students are in a class?

A:  Classes are approximately 50 minutes.  Classes typically have between 24-32 students.

Q: How much time do you have between classes?

A: Three minutes.  Since the majority of your classes are located right next to each other, three minutes is more than enough time to get to your next class on time.


Q: What clubs are offered at NMS?

A:  Many!  Check out: Activity List 19-20

Q: Does NMS have a student council?

A:  Yes! Visit NMS Student Council for more information.

Cell Phones:

Q:  Can you have your cell phone in school?

A:  Cell phones must remain off during school hours unless your teacher has approved the use for an in class activity).  You may use your cell phone after school hours.  In the case of an emergency, you may go to the front office to contact a parent.

Co-Curricular and Athletic Eligibility:

Q:  If I am failing a class can I participate in co-curricular activities?

A:  Failure of two courses will result in ineligibility for participation in co-curricular activities.  Each advisor will check the failure lst at the end of each progress reporting period (interim reports and report cards).  In the event that a student has failed two or more subjects, he/she is ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities until the next progress reporting period.

Q: If I am failing a class can I participate in athletic activities?

A:  The athletic director will distribute to the staff a list of all students involved in inter-scholastic sports.  Teacher will submit names of student doing failing work to the athletic office each Friday.  The grades should be cumulative from the beginning of the marking period and conclude at the end of each marking period.  The athletic office will compile co-curricular eligibility reports.  In the event a student has failed two or more subjects, he/she is ineligible to participate in contests for a period of one week.  This ineligibility begins the first Monday, and ends on Sunday, following the issuance of weekly reports to the athletic office.

End of the marking period- Upon the issuance of the regular report cards, coaches will review the D and F list to see if any student involved in their program is not eligible.  Those students with two or more F’s for the marking period are ineligible for 15 school days of the next marking period, beginning of the first day report cards are issued.

Q: What sports are offered at NMS?

A:  Visit  Athletics/Physicals for more information.


A:  How do I get a detention (not that I want one!)?

Q: A student who fails to comply with established rules may be detained after school or required to attend a detention on a Saturday.  Weekday detentions will be held every Monday and Wednesday and will last until 4:45pm.  Transportation is available on the late bus.  Saturday detentions are hold from 8:30-10:30 am.  The school does not provide transportation for Saturday detentions.

Dress Code:

Q:  Does NMS have a dress code?

A:  Students are urged to emphasize cleanliness, neatness, and generally good taste in their dress and grooming habits.  Hats, headbands, bandannas, sunglasses etc. are not to be worn in school.  Certain types of clothing and accessories are deemed inappropriate (i.e., tank tops, muscle shirts, midriff tops, biking pants, underwear or pajamas worn as outerwear).  Outside coats are not permitted to be worn in the classrooms.  Clothing advertising drugs, alcohol, and tobacco products or clothing that conveys sexual or inappropriate messages is not permitted.  In addition, excessively short, tight, or low-cut clothing is unacceptable.  The administration reserves the right to have students change, remove or cover inappropriate attire.  Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.


Q: Where will my locker be located?

A:  Your locker will be located near your homeroom and your homeroom will most likely be one your core curricular classrooms.

Q:  How many numbers are in a locker combination and what happens if I forget my combination?

A:  There are three numbers in your combination.  You many not bring your own lock or have access to a key.  Your homeroom teacher will have a copy of your combination.  Teachers have universal keys and can assist you with your locker if you forget the combination or it gets jammed.  It is not wise to ‘rig’ your combination (setting the first two digits) because it increases the chances of someone else opening your locker.  Never give anyone else your combination!


Q: Do all 7th graders eat lunch together and how long is lunch?

A:  No- one 7th grade team and one 8th grade team eat together.  This provides an excellent opportunity to meet even more NMS students.  Lunch is half an hour and the food is yummy!

Q:  How much does lunch cost and what can I buy in the cafeteria?

A:  Lunches generally cost around $3.35.  For more information about pricing, nutrition, and daily selection, check out the following link: School Lunch Info


Q:  How can I participate in band, chorus, or orchestra?

A:  Music activities primarily practice during R/A period.  There are also afterschool practices.  Visit the following websites for more information: Band, Chorus, and Strings.

Working Papers:

Q: How can I get working papers?

A: Working papers and resources can be found here: Working Papers/Permit