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Welcome to Mr. Wigglesworth's 7th Grade Science Website

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If you are having a technical issue with your Chromebook that you can not solve

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           IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT Mr. Wiggs, Please email me at the link below. 

I will respond as fast as I can, do not expect an immediate response. 

As a life-long learner who likes to try new experiences, new foods , new technology, meet new people, and travel to new places, I am certain there will be bumps on our travels this year.  Those bumps will consist of similar, but yet, different situations than what the 2021-22 year presented.  We need to look at the long game here and that is to get everyone in the boat, situated, and comfortable before our journey will start! 

I am really looking forward to learning, helping, understanding, and progressing forward with the experience to come. 

  • This website will provide general information for my class.

  • All classroom instruction, content, current grades will be accessed through student Canvas accounts.

  • The most direct way to contact me for now will be through email, use link below

Link: Email Mr. Wigglesworth 


Mr. Wigglesworth