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8th Grade

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8th Grade Overview

The Information Technology eighth grade course is designed to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired in the seventh grade Introduction to Information Technology course and to further advance the student's technology skills and knowledge.


Information Technology studies will include:

Google  (Docs, Slides, and Sheets)

Desktop Publishing (Microsoft Publisher)

Email Etiquette (G-Mail)

Databases (Microsoft Access)

Webpage Design - HTML (Notepad)

Internet Safety (Online Predators, Social Networking)

Online Collaboration

Personal Finance (Buying a Car)


The emphasis will be placed upon using different programs available on the computer network for various integrated curricular projects.   With Access students will design a database with appropriate field names and data types. Data will be entered into the table and students will sort the data and filter data by selection. Students will design queries that will be used to gather information from the database based upon specific criteria. Forms will be generated to present the data in a stylized format. Project in Access: Movie Database   Website Development: Students will be instructed on how to develop a website using HTML coding in Notepad and also WYSIWYG style using Microsoft Expression.  
  Publisher will be used to allow students to design, edit, format and print various desktop publishing projects. Students will utilize headlines, body text, borders, clip art, and digital photos in their projects. We will study the use of templates as well as basic design. Projects in Publisher:     Logo    
Publisher magazine