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Summer Fall Info for 2024-2025

Summer/Fall Info 2024-2025

Ten Things You Need to Know:

1.  You can get a physical any time after May 1.  This is a new change this year, it used to be June 1st.  If your insurance won't pay for another physical until a later date, unfortunately, you will need to pay for one prior to the start of your child’s fall sport.  PIAA requires all athletes to have a yearly physical done after May 1.  No exceptions.  

2.  You won't be able to get onto ATS until August 1.  Just hold onto your forms until August 1.  Then you can start uploading section 6 and e-signing the others.  

3.  You will not be cleared for tryouts until all forms are filled out on ATS.  The forms are not optional.  If you just upload the doctors page, then you will not be cleared.  You must fill out all forms.  

4.  We don't do summer tryouts.  There are no middle school athletics in the summer.  Sports begin the 2nd week of school.  

5.  A list of all sports offered can be found in the tabs on the left.  If it is not listed there, we don't offer it at the middle level.  

6.  As soon as exact tryout dates are chosen, they will be posted.  If they are not posted, please do not email as they have not yet been decided.  

7.  Watch the videos posted on the main page and ATS page!  They answer 99% of questions.  

8.  The mini quiz at the end of the concussion education is not the concussion test.  That is a different link and test.  

9.  You must do the concussion test.  It doesn't matter if you took one outside of school at your doctors or for your club team.  You must take ours to be cleared to play.  

10.  Keep checking back to the athletics website.  We update it with dates, schedules, and sports info as soon as it becomes available.