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Jazz Band Information


Newtown Middle School Music Department

Mr. Rudat – Director of Bands

Thank you for your interest in the Jazz Program at Newtown Middle School. We have a very exciting year ahead! Once again, we will attend several Jazz Festivals and perform at various school and community events. Students need to be aware that the Jazz Ensemble is a select ensembles. Due to limited space, not all students will be chosen to participate in the Jazz Program.

Students that play piano, guitar, drum set, or bass will need to audition. Please note that Drum Set/Percussion students must be members of the Concert Band. Auditions will consist of a warm up piece (something of your choice); the audition solo (passed out at this meeting); scales  up to 3 sharps and 3 flats (piano, guitar, bass) or drum styles (rock, swing, funk, Latin, etc.)

Note: It is customary for students that play alto sax to be asked to play the larger saxophones (tenor sax/bari sax) to field a jazz ensemble. These decisions are assigned based upon auditions and/or the jazz band director. The top 5 scores for saxophone (regardless of instrument) will be chosen for the Jazz Ensemble.

Jazz Ensemble rehearses from 7:30am- 8:00am on Thursday mornings. Students need to arrange for transportation and be on time to rehearsal.  Students need to report to NMS by 7:15 AM to allow time to put their instrument together and prepare for rehearsal.  Students selected to Jazz Band need to attend all rehearsals and attend lessons on a regular basis. 

Students that participate the Jazz Ensemble are expected to attend rehearsals and lessons.  Occasionally, academic concerns interfere with lesson attendance.  Students should see me at once if this is the case to arrange alternative lesson times.  When we work together, great things happen.  Excellence is never achieved without a great deal of hard work. Our goal is to work to be our best at every rehearsal and performance. 

Rhythm section students will submit their audition through Canvas. Instructions will be posted the week of October 25.  Concert Band assessments on the middle school Band Day music will be used for scoring/seating wind/brass instruments.