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Library FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I checkout a book?

You may visit the Library with a pass from your teacher.  Period 8 is a great time to check-out books!

When are the books due?

Two weeks! If there are no holds on it you may renew your book.

Do you charge overdue fines?


Do you charge for lost books?

Yes. We charge the replacement fee for the book. If you think you have lost your book please talk to the Library Staff. 

I am having trouble with my Chromebook, Canvas, Logins... etc.

Please get a pass from your teacher and come visit us in the Library. 

I forgot to bring my Chromebook to school OR I forgot to charge my Chromebook.

We do not have loaner Chromebooks or charging cords. You may leave the Chromebook in the library on a charger near the windows and come back later to pick it up.

It is your responsiblitiy to CHARGE and BRING your Chromebook to school EVERY DAY. You are not prepared for learning if you aren't able to use your Chromebook.

Make a habit of charging the Chromebook every night. Got a cell phone? Charge your Chromebook next to your cell phone - you never forget your cell phone!

Where can I find out more about the Library?

Stop in anytime! You should also check Mrs. Bovino's's Canvas page!